Authenticity brings you your desir customers If you are authentic, you will automatically attract your desir customers – the ones who really suit you. Customers who don’t leave after you’ve already put a lot of time and effort into the initial contact. Customers for whom you don’t have to constantly work hard only to fear for their satisfaction. How much better are customers who appreciate you and the way you work – because they have consciously chosen you. So how are you authentic? At this point we finally come back to the request to speak from earlier.

How does that work in concrete terms

A very good question. I always Latvia Phone Number List have my problems with the advice “be authentic”. If it stops there, you could just as well be advis “be popular” or “be likeable”. What is missing are concrete recommendations for action. Voila: 1. Don’t squint at others too much Of course you want to find out about your competition. But if you look at others too much, you will (unconsciously) let yourself be influenc by it: be it that you copy things, be it that you desperately do things differently. Better you don’t read too much from others until you’ve found your own voice.

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Don’t follow advice

I’ve exaggerat that – after all, I’m one of those advisors myself. But especially in the blogging area, there are many advice blogs that want to tell you exactly how a perfect headline has to be structur, how short Singapore Lead your paragraphs have to be, how often you have to post on Facebook, etc. etc. The problem is that if more and more bloggers stick to it, all blogs will eventually sound the same. And that would be a shame. Hence my advice: only ever pick what suits you. Of course, that also applies to this post. 3. Write as you speak The nice thing about blogging is that everything is allow there.

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