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Misunderstanding 2: Being authentic is only for the solo self-employ You think that as a company boss, authenticity is none of your business, after all you work in a team? Of course, a solo service provider will put more emphasis on themselves than a small or mium-siz company that sells a product. But SMEs can also score points with customers if they break out of faceless anonymity and put a central person in the foreground. A prominent example of this approach is Seitenbacher boss Willi Pfannenschwarz, who speaks the radio advertising for his muesli company himself.

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Droning tone have brought the Kuwait Phone Number List advertising a certain cult status. Misunderstanding No. 3: Being authentic means only talking about yourself As a skeptical nature, you may sense a departure from the maxim “Always focus on the customer and not your company” when you hear the buzzword authenticity. It can’t be the right way when entrepreneurs see themselves as the navel of the world and don’t tolerate anyone next to them on stage, not even the customers. I think you’re right. But: Constantly putting yourself on the podium has nothing to do with authenticity.

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Think of an evening with your best buddy

Your best friend: you’re definitely yourself and still don’t just talk about yourself. The second question is whether the other extreme – putting the customer first – is really that desirable. If, as a customer, I’m constantly being slapp with my benefit , and I’m suppos to be constantly benefiting , then that can also get on my nerves. I then ask myself who actually wants something from Singapore Lead me, or whether it doesn’t matter – I’m only suppos to buy anyway. Authenticity means neither one extreme nor the other: it means considering both ends of the line, you as the sender and your customers as the addressee .  With the three main misconceptions clear up, I come to the question of what authenticity is for. Let’s assume you are a sole proprietor or a founder with a handful of employees.

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