Does it smell like buzzword in here? Thick trousers, nothing behind them? One thing is clear: for large companies, authenticity is a delicate matter . Too often authenticity is written on the flags, where in reality there is only script reality in it. The freelance journalist Julia Wadhawan recently made the typical misjudgments in her article “Really now? Why advertising is not authentic” on clean up. In it she writes:“Nowadays everything should be authentic: the holiday, the Chinese restaurant around the corner, the people.

Authenticity is to the world

Advertising and marketing what skinny girls are to the world of fashion: they are the only way to make every product, no matter how banal, worth striving for, according to many. This (mis)belief has found more Kenya Phone Number List and more followers in recent years.” Authentic advertising as a sham, as a contradiction in terms? This applies primarily to large companies. For us individual and small entrepreneurs, however, things are quite different. We can really gain something by being authentic on the website and blog. At this point it comes around the corner, the question of all questions.

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What is authenticity

Stop, stop, emergency brake. you will quickly switch off when reading the usual attempt answers. Theoretical treatises on the nature of authenticity, on the value of one’s self, are not particularly sexy. So I want to keep the answer short and sweet: Being authentic means being visible as a person in your corporate image.TWEET This also makes it clear why large companies Singapore Lead cannot be authentic . They work through a brand, not a person. (Okay, there are/were people like Steve Jobs. Nevertheless, the brand – Apple – is more important than its inventor.) A forefinger is rais: “And how does that work in concrete terms, becoming visible as a person?” Don’t worry, I’ll get to that later.

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