Whether it means the introduction of external content production or the internal training of employees – at the beginning these are very cost-intensive investments that often only pay off later . Standardization in the form of a content strategy with guidelines for content creation can ruce some of these costs and at the same time increase the quality of the content. The guidelines include, for example, a corporate design guide that clarifies all questions relating to the design of content, a corporate wording guide that gives corporate content a unifi voice. Hree misconceptions about authenticity But first, let’s talk about the three biggest misunderstandings that cling to authenticity like ketchup to currywurst. Misconception 1: Being authentic means dropping your pants Break a sweat just thinking about flaunting your self.

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Work and approval processes production can be significantly simplifi and accelerat. You can see that not only the transfer of content to target and stakeholder groups has to be controll. Internal use of content Kazakhstan Phone Number List also has potential to improve the financial bottom line . Conclusion In summary, it can be said that in times of our knowlge and information society. Content does have an impact on the achievement of corporate goals and can therefore become an intangible asset if the. The work processes and structures mention above are standardiz and optimiz through a content strategy.

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Accessory for marketing communication, but as a consistent means of differentiating your own brand from the competition. Content is us for internal purposes, such as product development or internal content management. The administration of content becomes a business process and is given a similar status as. For example, accounting, personnel management Singapore Lead or logistics. More than a buzzword: how to use authenticity to strengthen your corporate identity “Be authentic, then the customers will come to you.” You can hear it everywhere. And then there is that cumbersome word ÔÇťauthenticity.

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