They also offer you a good platform to gain contours as a person. 7. Show rough ges Mister Saubermann says hello? If everything always goes smoothly, it’s boring. Straight corners and ges make a person interesting. So feel free to admit little quirks, mistakes in the past that you have learn from. There is also room for humor . Anyone who can fool themselves shows themselves to be human. This ruces the distance between you and the customer. Conclusion: Cook properly with authenticity Authenticity really doesn’t have it easy.

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Then it is also thrown everywhere as an empty catchphrase in the marketing concept like a bland ingrient in the soup. But authenticity can do more. Portion into clear impulses for action, it can help you to rethink Lithuania Phone Number List your corporate image – towards more. And suddenly it is no longer a bland ingrient, but just the pinch of pepper that your soup was missing. What is the value of trust? What do you think of when you hear the word “trust”? I’m thinking of virtues such as honesty. But the most important thing here is that the blog informs you in a serious way, discloses its sources and you , for whatever reason.

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Reliability and respect  all

These are character traits that are very important to me personally. Trust is defin on Wikipia as a subjective belief, feeling or belief in the rightness, truth or probity of another’s or oneself’s persons, actions, insights and statements (self-confidence). In concrete terms, for me, trust means that people – and no less companies and products or services – have to keep what they Singapore Lead promise. So you have to convince me of yourself . Only then does a bond or relationship develop, the value of which increases over time, provid that it is deepen by further positive experiences. And that’s what my contribution is about: trust as a value in itself.

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