That doesn’t inspire confidence. A website should also keep what it promises and also be authentic and describe the person, the company, the product or the service as truthfully as possible. Jutta Beyer explains this very aptly in her article “ What is an authentic website? “We also recommend Dr. Annika Lamer’s guest article ” More than a buzzword: How to strengthen your corporate image with authenticity ” on ZIELBAR. trust in social networks In the social web, transparency and thus also the possibilities for checking self-statements and the like have increas significantly. You always have to be aware of this.

That means if you pretend something

To others from the outset, sooner or later you will fall flat on your face. Trust that was built on untruth or even lies can no longer be “repair” later. Quite simply because there was never a common basis of Luxembourg Phone Number List trust . Therefore, if you want to gain the trust of others, you should stick to the truth from the beginning. When you network, you trust people who you already know offline. have piqu your interest online. have common contacts with you. have the same goals as you. have an attractive profile. Many companies, especially SMEs, are not on social networks because they are afraid of a shitstorm.

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They fear losing the trust

Their customers as a result of the potential damage to their image. A shitstorm is the exception rather than the rule. But despite everything, there should be a crisis plan that defines who is responsible and who is responsible so that you can react quickly and correctly in an emergency. Silke Loers’ contribution ” Criticism on the Internet: 7 tips for ” is worth reading. trust in Singapore Lead blogs From the blog visitor’s perspective: If you like a blog article, you subscribe to the blog, trusting that you will receive email notifications of interesting new articles. If you also like the follow-up articles, you will gain trust in the blog or blogger, which you will express by adding positives, liking, commenting and sharing.

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