United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – COP – underway in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, it is important to examine the environmental issues and challenges in Iraq and what needs to be done about them. . COP will build on the outcomes of. COP and respond to the grave global climate emergency, from urgently needed mitigation efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to building resilience and adapting to inevitable. Impacts. of climate change. COP must deliver on commitments to finance climate action in developing. Countries. Including Iraq. COP is an important opportunity for world governments to stick to and build on their climate commitments (Nationally Determined Contributions), while transferring momentum around climate change and awareness raising to Iraq. about.

We are all aware of the problems that exist in

This country: extreme weather events and changes in climate patterns, such as heat waves, heavy rain, rising temperatures and greater variability and unpredictability of precipitation; sand and dust storms; prolonged droughts; soil degradation; Flash floods; and water scarcity. In , Iraq experienced its second driest season in years due to low USA WhatsApp Number List rainfall. Over the past years, the flows of the Euphrates and. Tigris rivers, which provide up to % of Iraq’s surface water, have decreased by % to %. The historic southern marshes. A wonder of natural heritage, are drying up. Iraq’s temperatures are soaring, with a high of almost °C recorded in Basra. The scarcity of river water causes sea water to penetrate the southern lands, and salinization threatens agriculture.

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The livelihood and even the existence of entire

Communities are at risk. Climate change in Iraq not only affects the country’s agricultural sector, but constitutes a serious threat to fundamental human rights, creates obstacles to sustainable development and exacerbates the country’s environmental, security, political and economic challenges. The data and science are clear. Although climate Australia Phone Number List change affects many countries, some of the measures to mitigate its impact start at home. As the leader of the United Nations country team, I recognize my own responsibility in bringing togeth in moving towards a climate-resilient economy, while addressing the adaptation and mitigation. Together, we all have a responsibility to safeguard our collective future and work for the common good.

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