UN entities, national authorities and local partners, we can begin to take more concrete and coordinated steps towards climate action at the domestic level. To do this, each person must make better and more responsible decisions, whether through what they eat, how they travel, how they conserve water and electricity, and what they buy. Restoring damaged ecosystems is an important first step and water management is key. The management of water resources will require both diplomacy and the resolution of Iraq’s own problems, such as pollution and inefficiency in water management. Therefore, there is no need to waste water by letting the taps run, nor overuse water for gardening, nor pollute rivers and streams. Iraq must modernize and expand its water treatment plants, repair aging and damaged water infrastructure, enforce water use limits, invest in new irrigation infrastructure and water harvesting, and promote innovative irrigation practices.

Dialogue and involvement with neighboring

Countries to guarantee a fair distribution of water is essential for Iraq. The use of solar energy, profitable and abundant thanks to the powerful rays of the sun during most of the year, and the improvement of energy efficiency by achieving zero gas combustion, as well as the simultaneous increase in renewable energies, such as wind and hydropower will UK WhatsApp Number List undoubtedly help reduce toxic emissions and costs. Green campaigns, the promotion of large-scale recycling and other good environmental practices, and the involvement of young people, who make up more than half of Iraq’s population, in climate-related issues since the beginning of Their existence guarantees the success of any effort to save our planet.

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Public advocacy and accountability can also

Encourage local and international private investment to Enable the creation of green businesses in the agriculture, waste and energy sectors. The revival of agriculture in southern Iraq and its date industry is an example of this. There is still time to change things. With climate action supported by Iraq’s leaders and people, we have a real opportunity China Phone Number List to leave a better Iraq for our next generation. I am encouraged that by joining the Paris Agreement, Iraq adaptation in policy. We, at the United Nations, stand ready to help the new Government of Iraq meet its climate commitments through tangible action and implementation, coordinated solutions and engagement at all levels.

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