Something that many brands (especially small ones) do not dare to do, but that can give you many benefits, since it is a great channel to connect with your most loyal community. I’ll tell you everything you ne to know about the direct ones on Instagram to start working on this channel and convert followers into real customers. CLICK TO TWEET Therefore, in this post I tell you everything you ne to know to do a good live show on Instagram. You may also be interest in: Instagram Reels: what it is and how to create a Reel Ideas to make your Instagram fe irresistible 19 creative ideas for your Instagram stories Post Index.

What are direct on Live

The direct ones on Instagram, also call Instagram Live, is an Instagram channel that allows you to connect live with your Instagram followers so that they can see and hear you, while they use the chat to Italy Email Database communicate with you. It is not necessary to have a specific number of followers to be able to carry out the live shows, although it is advisable to have a community before launching so that they come to listen to you. Benefits of going live on Instagram Going live is something that takes a long time and that not everyone dares to do, but it has great benefits for your account and your brand.

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Connect more with your audience

Since it is as if they were talking to you directly.  professionals so that you make yourself known to their audience and they to yours. It is a good channel when it comes to selling , because you can resolve Singapore Lead their doubts and objections at the moment. Improve your positioning on Instagram . When you broadcast live, your account appears at the beginning of all stories so that your followers can access the broadcast as soon as possible. What do I ne before doing a live on Instagram? Before making a good direct on Instagram it is essential that you have these things. a good connection If your connection is unstable, there may be micro-cuts and they may not be able to hear you well.

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