The 1:1 format is a good compromise if you want to show the video in an acceptable size for the smartphone display, can do without the 16:9 width and don’t know what to do with the extra height in the 8:10 format . Will the video work without sound? If not, how do I get the viewer to tune in? As already mention: It is in the nature of visual mia to only tell stories with pictures. Unambiguous images and a clear course of action are very important for this. If the sound is nevertheless essential, this must be signal to the viewer in the course of the video.

If the viewer switches on the sound

It should always have been worthwhile for him, even if our video works with the pictures alone. If you didn’t record any sound, just put music underneath. But the main thing is that something on the Egypt Phone Number List sound. 2. During the shoot Is everything relevant happening in the section of my viewfinder that will be later in the video? If you are filming in 16:9 landscape format, as most people are us to, you have to keep in mind which section you will post later: the entire landscape format (16:9), a square (1:1) or an gewise strip (8:10). If you record the video in the Instagram app, this decision is made for you, because there you automatically record in square format. However, if you are using a professional video camera.

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You can mask off the viewfinder

So that only a square or an 8:10 strip is visible. As a rule of thumb, this 8:10 strip corresponds to a third of the total width of the 16:9 landscape format. 3. On average How full do I pack the 15 seconds that Singapore Lead are available to me? Trimming your own footage down to 15 seconds can be a real challenge. You’re quickly tempt to fit everything you’ve work so hard to fit into 15 seconds, no matter what. But sometimes less is more, and you relax the video consumption for the viewer by sorting out what really nes to be in the video and what doesn’t. Since you know your own scenes and images by heart after a short time, you also run the risk of losing the viewer’s perspective and trimming everything even shorter and faster.

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