In order to test whether someone who sees this for the first time still understands what he is seeing, it is worth consulting an outsider. You shouldn’t tell him anything about the video, except: Look here – do you understand that? The more experience you have the less likely you fall into this trap. But you are never completely immune to it. Does the first frame of my video provide an appropriate preview image? As explain in the text above, the thumbnail is the first frame of the video and is square. So if the first frame isn’t meaningful, you can either create a thumbnail and use iting software to insert it as the first frame, or you can take a desir still image from the video and place it at the beginning of the video.

Since a single frame passes quickly

The preview image the video. 4. Before uploading What video specs work well with Instagram? If you do not record the videos in the Instagram app, but it it beforehand with iting software, you must then render the El Salvador Phone Number List video with a video codec. Since there are countless possibilities and Instagram can handle many, but not every codec and every bitrate, we’ll tell you the specifications here that you don’t have to worry about. In order to sufficiently compress the video material (so that it does not result in a file of monstrous size), it is best to use the h.264 codec.

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This is very common and a good compromise

Between image quality and file size. How much this codec compresses your videos depends on the bit rate. Since the display quality of your video on Instagram is fix and not adjust depending on the Singapore Lead spe of the Internet connection, as is the case with YouTube, the bit rate does not have to be exceptionally high. A setting of 20 – 25 Mbit/s is completely sufficient, anything beyond that only makes for an unnecessarily large file. In the end, the video will be encod again by Instagram anyway, to save space on the server and to guarantee smooth playback on the go. In order for Instagram to correctly recognize and re-encode the video, it is best to use a Quicktime container.

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