This can be done with any standard iting program. But if you want to upload the video directly from your smartphone without iting it beforehand, you should make sure that your very first picture looks identifiable in some way when you take it. And there is another special feature with the thumbnails: In the grid view of your Instagram page, all thumbnails are square, regardless of whether the video was upload in landscape format 16:9, in portrait format 8:10 or in classic Instagram 1:1 . So if you manually add a preview image to the first frame.

You have to be aware that a central

Square image section will serve as the preview image. Instagram image size landscape resolutionInstagram image size portrait resolution A short guide to your own Instagram video 1. Before the shoot Is Ecuador Phone Number List the content of my video suitable for a duration of 15 seconds or less? In general, you should be willing to experiment, because at first you often wonder what is possible in 15 seconds. If you shoot scenically, all individual actions should be pack into compact and clear images. The images should therefore be easy to decipher, the viewer must immiately recognize what he is seeing.

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Otherwise you run the risk of not being

Understood in the short time available.  in an interview situation, it sometimes takes a little patience to get that someone into “15 second mode” – especially when you’re dealing with experts and Singapore Lead professionals. However, if you make several passes per statement, you can distil an increasingly compact version of his answer together with your interview partner. In what format should my video appear on Instagram? 1:1, 16:9 or 8:10? This question is important even before the shoot to make it clear to you how you want to fill the picture. In 8:10 portrait format, for example, you can show a square video and emb graphics or text with the remaining space, below or above.

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