The option that interests us is “file”. From this option you can see your archive of stories, your archive of publications and your archive of live videos. Select the last option and your latest live shows will appear there so you can download or share them. Direct ones are only sav for 30 days. Instagram live ideas This will depend on what your goal is with your live shows, but here are some interesting ideas if you want to start doing live shows on your Instagram account. Sell ​​a product, service or info product By this I do not mean that you appear as in the teleshopping, but rather that you work on content that is interesting for your potential customer and that shows.

That you can help them with

A product, service or info product. Before Madagascar Email Lists selling, always give quality content. Host a webinar or workshop You can also do a webinar or workshop on a specific topic that you are a professional in order to build authority.  your product, service or info product. Answer frequent questions Surely there are several questions that your potential client usually asks you, so you can collect them all and create a series of directs to deal with and solve them. Also, if you share them later, you can refer that person to watch the stream for a more develop response.

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We will be happy to help you. Leave it in the comments and share it with your friends! Have you heard of phishing? Cybercrime is more common than your company realizes. All this through techniques that use Singapore Lead fraud, trickery or any other type of deception in order to influence or manipulate society to obtain personal information, data consider confidential. Take a look at the topics we will cover in this article below: How important is your data? What is phishing?Companies that have been scamm with phishing What are the means us to steal the data? How to prevent phishing? How important is your company data? Why is data so important today? Not just today, but for a long time, personal information.

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