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In addition to employee communication, content can also be communicat or forward within a company and thus become an intangible asset of a company. Businesses should view content as an intangible assetTWEET External Communication External communication is aim at stakeholder groups that are locat in the immiate and wider environment of the company and have an influence on the behavior of a company. External stakeholders include : Target groups that we want to turn into customers with marketing and then into returning customers with customer loyalty programs Users of our products and services, with whose feback we want to improve our offers multipliers.

The form of influencers

Who help us to increase our reach Potential employees who we would like to have in our company Investors whom we want to convince of the performance of our company Politics, business and Ivory Coast Phone Number List associations that can have an impact on operational processes We can already see here how complex external communication alone can be. Would you address all of the above stakeholders with content that is actually intend for marketing communication? Rather not, right? This means that there are very different requirements for external communication alone , which must be controll in order to be successful in the long term.

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That none of these stakeholders  that companies want. Rather, due to the increas digital offering, there are an almost infinite number of touchpoints with your content – be it the digital press Singapore Lead release, the article from the corporate blog, the link on the Facebook page or a hit in the Google search results. The trick is to use an integrat content strategy to design content in such a way that the various target groups are brought to the right destination – i.e. leading them to the content that is most suitable for their nes. This can be the press area on the website for journalists, the product page with reviews from other buyers for potential buyers, and a guide for applicants for potential employees.

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