Content is currently mostly associate

However, most bloggers agre that content marketing is the use of itorial content of any form for the purpose of marketing communications. The content should solve a problem or a ne of the user and at the same time prove the competence of a company as a problem solver. This article is bas on my bachelor thesis “Development of a framework for the evaluation of content marketing measures in Germany” from 2015. I will delve a little deeper into the matter and work out to what extent content nes to be thought further. Because in my view, companies should consider content as an intangible asset.

Content strategy to success

The term content Israel Phone Number List marketing is just not clear enough. The whole topic of content in a company can have a much broader meaning,” says communications consultant Sascha Stoltenow in an interview (cf. Bachelor thesis above). He has been co-organizing the annual Content Strategy Camp in Frankfurt since 2013. Miriam Löffler , content strategist and author of the best-selling specialist book “Think Content”, also sees not only advertising, but all types of communication as important when dealing with content. For Löffler, as well as for Stoltenow, a content strategy is therefore essential for companies if they “want to earn money with their content and achieve their business goals.

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You are not alone with this opinion

According to the European Communication Report 2015 (p. 34), 93 percent of those responsible for communication believe that a content strategy will be very important for the success of strategic communication Singapore Lead in the company in the future. How does content become an asset? Content includes content of any kind that is communicat to various stakeholders of a company .  with marketing or PR, the two classic departments within a company that have always been responsible for target communication. Their target groups are naturally outside of a company, although the corporate communications department also has its own employees in its sights.

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