A brief note: A content strategy not only includes digital content, but also any offline measures. However, there is a recognizable trend that the proportion of digital communication content is growing as a result of digitization and that this outweighs offline measures. Users aren’t looking for products, they’re looking for experiences However, a content strategy has an even more important task in external communication. In times when almost every product or service can be copi, the differentiation of one’s own brand from the competition plays a much greater role.

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Sufficient for sales success to simply offer your customers quality and high-quality service – this is what customers simply expect these days. If this quality is not deliver, the customer has a global marketplace Jamaica Phone Number List to look for alternatives. Rather, the user of a product is looking for experiences. Robert Rose describes this consumer behavior in such a way that price or product information no longer play a role in the purchase decision, but rather the unique experiences convey with the product or service, which differentiate a brand from its competitors. And these experiences can be combin with content.

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In the form of content marketing

Internal communication But what gets lost in the are the internal stakeholders of a company and the handling of content within a company. Because a lot of content is creat there, which often Singapore Lead lacks strategic leadership. Stoltenow currently sees companies on a threshold where classic companies, which previously communicat with their internal and external stakeholders via individual departments, are changing towards companies that communicate holistically. This is reinforc by the fact that more and more digital communication channels are available.

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