I hope that Payoneer officials can also re-evaluate their own security and upgrade the user’s account protection function. On the whole, the hacker’s method is quite professional, or it may have been premitat for a long time. I believe everyone can see the following details. first step: First of all, the hacker obtain the password of the user’s QQ mailbox through “various methods”, and the QQ mailbox is also the mailbox of the seller’s login account register with Payoneer. In order to avoid triggering the QQ warning, the hacker did not take the initiative to modify the user’s mailbox password.

In fact it is very common

For hackers to steal qq accounts in the Marshall Islands Email List hacker industry, and it is easy to succe. Including myself, my qq password was stolen more than once. And most people’s qq mailbox is the same as the qq login password, that is to say, as long as hackers know the qq login password, they can log in to the qq mailbox. For hackers, perhaps by implanting a keylogger on the seller’s computer, they can easily obtain the seller’s QQ mailbox. As for how to implant, I think the seller may have open some unfamiliar email attachments or download some unknown software before, and they have already been recruit quietly.

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The keylogger can record all

The keyboard and automatically send it to the hacker’s mailbox through the built-in program, so that the hacker has master the QQ mailbox password, payoneer password and some sensitive information. And some negligent sellers often set the email password and Payoneer password as the same password for easy memory, which makes things easier. Step two: The hacker logs Singapore Lead into the user’s payoneer account and transfers all the payoneer balance to another payoneer account register in advance. Note that Payoneer allows fund transfers between accounts, and it is completely free. Afterwards, in order to avoid the seller’s awareness and delete the operation records, the hacker immiately contact Payoneer customer service.

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