In this context, the recovery from the pandemic opens an opportunity. Hope is already on the horizon in the form of a vaccine. But there is no vaccine for the planet. Nature needs a rescue. As we overcome the pandemic, we can also avoid climate cataclysm and restore our planet. This is an epic test for our regulatory capacity. Ultimately, however, this is a moral test. The trillions of dollars needed to recover from COVID- are money we are borrowing from future generations. Everything, down to the last cent. We cannot use these resources to support policies that bury them under a mountain of debt on a broken planet. It’s time to hit the “green switch.” We have the opportunity not only to restart the global economy, but to transform it. A sustainable economy powered by renewable energy will create new jobs, cleaner infrastructure and a resilient future.

An inclusive world will help ensure that

Better health and full respect for their human rights and live with dignity on a healthy planet. Recovery from the COVID- pandemic and repairing our planet can be two sides of the same coin. Dear friends: Let me start by talking about the climate emergency. In addressing the climate crisis we must confront three imperatives: First, we have to achieve India Phone Number List global carbon neutrality within the next three decades. Second, we need to align global finances with the Paris Agreement, the global plan for climate-related action. Third, we need to take a big step forward in adaptation to protect the world, and especially the most vulnerable people and countries, from climate impacts. I would like to address these points one by one.

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Firstly carbon neutrality and net zero emissions

In recent weeks we have witnessed important positive events. The European Union has committed to becoming the first climate-neutral continent by , and I hope it decides to reduce its emissions by at least % below levels by The United Hong Kong Phone Number List Kingdom, Japan, the Republic of Korea and more than countries have committed to achieving carbon neutrality by The incoming United States Administration has  countries that together account for more than % of global carbon dioxide emissions and more than % of the global economy will have made ambitious commitments to become carbon neutral. . We must turn this impulse into a movement.

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