Coalition for Carbon Neutrality. I firmly believe that can be a different year: the year we took the big leap towards carbon neutrality. Every country, every city, every financial institution and every company must adopt plans to transition to net-zero emissions by , and I encourage the largest emissions generators to step up and take decisive The central objective action now to embark on the path to achieving this vision, which means reducing global emissions by % by compared to levels. And this must be clear in the nationally determined contributions. We all, individually, must do our part: as consumers, as producers, as investors. Technology plays in our favor. Solid economic analysis is our ally. More than half of the coal plants currently in operation cost more than building new renewable energy plants.

The coal business is disappearing

The International Labor Organization estimates that, despite inevitable job losses, the transition to clean energy will result in the net creation of million jobs by But it is absolutely necessary that this transition be fair. We must recognize the human costs of energy change. Social protection, temporary basic income, retraining and upskilling can Indonesia Phone Number List The central objective support workers and facilitate the changes that decarbonization will bring. Dear friends: Renewable energy is now the preferred option, not only for the environment, but also for the economy. However, there are worrying signs. Some countries have taken advantage of the crisis to backtrack on environmental protection. Others are expanding natural resource exploitation and giving up climate ambitions.

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Members of the Group of in their rescue

Now spending % more on sectors linked to the production and consumption of fossil fuels than on low-carbon energy. And beyond proclamations, everyone’s credibility must be tested. The case of maritime it would be the sixth largest emitter The central objective of greenhouse gases in the world. At last year’s Climate Action Summit, we launched India Phone Number List the Getting to Zero Shipping coalition to drive the elimination of emissions from deep-sea shipping by However, current policies are not in line with those promises. We need to see enforceable regulatory and tax measures that enable the shipping industry to meet its commitments. Otherwise, we will miss the opportunity to reduce emissions to zero.

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