Hurricanes, part of the most intense period of such storms in recent years. Last year, disasters of this magnitude cost the world $ billion. Lockdowns in response to the COVID- pandemic have temporarily reduced emissions and pollution. Carbon dioxide levels, however, not only remain at maximum levels but are increasing. In , carbon dioxide levels reached % of pre-industrial levels. In , the upward trend has continued despite the pandemic. The methane figures are even higher and have shot up to %. Nitrous oxide, a powerful greenhouse gas that also damages the ozone layer, has increased by %. Meanwhile, climate policies continue to fall short of this challenge. Emissions are now % higher than when international climate negotiations began in Every tenth of a degree of warming matters.

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Warming and are witnessing unprecedented extreme climate changes and volatility on all continents and regions. In this century we are facing a tremendous increase in temperature of between ºC and ºC. The science is clear: to limit temperature Malaysia Phone Number List rise to °C above pre-industrial levels, the world needs to reduce fossil fuel production by around % each year between now and Instead, the world is moving in the opposite direction, with a projected annual increase of %. The consequences of the aggression on our planet are hindering our efforts to eliminate poverty and endanger food security. And it is also making our work for peace even more difficult, as disruptions lead to instability, displacement and conflict.

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It is no coincidence that of the most

Climate-vulnerable countries are also among the most politically and economically fragile. It is no coincidence that, of the countries most exposed to climate risks, host a peacekeeping mission or a special political mission of the United Nations. As always, the repercussions are most serious for the most vulnerable people on the planet. Those German Phone Number who have done the least to cause the problem are the ones who suffer from it the most. Even in the developed world, the marginalized are the first victims of disasters and the last to recover from which we are mired. That means, however, that human action can help solve it. Making peace with nature is the task that will define the st century.

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