Alain Veuve Yes, of course, we all know that we are born into a fast-pac world and that the effects of the digital revolution are changing our entire society. But there is also the fact that the “breathers” between the individual changes are becoming shorter and shorter. But are we really aware of this? How many of us, how many of the companies we serve, are early adopters of technological developments? The value of communication in change processes What direct influence do these developments have on me and all of us who work in the field of corporate communications.

The short answer

Most companies and those responsible Cayman Islands Phone Number List for communication (including marketers, since they also communicate on behalf of companies) have so far skilfully ignor this new order or rather passively adapt to the changes that are occurring. The longer version of the answer: Organizations often underestimate the value of actively manag change , which brings enormous potential. At the same time, they are also unaware of the elementary role of communication within these processes . Communication initiates, explains, accompanies, illustrates.

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It is the only thing that can offer

People support in change processes. What is important in communication today Both changes and communication must be actively implement in the case of perpetual disruption. In order for these measures to be effective, certain conditions must first be met. From my point of view, this is actually a kind of basic work that is not only important in the field of professional Singapore Lead corporate communication. social action. The turbulent socio-political developments and events of the past few months make it very clear to me that these basics are often lacking. 1. Open your eyes, ears, brains I don’t normally threaten my readers, but woe if you just roll your eyes! No seriously, everyone repeats this statement like a mantra, but few actually actually implement it.

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