As a company, we have to know our dialogue groups, we have to listen to them, we have to observe the market and society and try to structure our impressions in as many layers as possible. We must break away from the idea of ​​one truth, stop thinking in black and white, and understand things before we try to change them. Sounds good and logical – but how does it work? I don’t have a patent solution, but the following approach has brought positive changes for me: Actively work on your mindset every day. Discard prejudices, try to refute assumptions, provide differentiat and different sources of information.

Pay attention not only to what is being said

But also to who is saying it. Sit in the coffee house, canteen or tea kitchen without a smartphone – just listen. And if you say something, then let it be a question. It seems to me that asking the right questions Chile Phone Number List is particularly important here. 2. Filter and evaluate information When I talk above about consulting many different sources of information, the next step is to develop the ability to distinguish relevant from irrelevant information in a few seconds. 1) What’s the message? 2) Who is the sender? 3) Does this info bring me any benefit? With these three central questions.

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I bring structure to my flood of information

But it is even more important that we, as those responsible for communication, structure our stakeholder communication with exactly the same questions. Our dialogue groups want to be able to make decisions just as quickly and efficiently and evaluate the value of information. why I have such problems with advertorials or native ads , as the second question is often Singapore Lead deliberately ignor. 3. Make messages concrete Closely relat to the point above is the ne to flesh out our messages. In my last blog post , I show a way to approach this effectively. The main focus is clearly on the stakeholders: it is their nes and their values ​​that must guide us here. 4. Agility as a basic attitude While complexity and openness should underlie our thinking, flexibility and agility should determine our work management.

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