Because this is not a nice-to-have, but a must-have for companies. We should not only expect this basic attitude from the human resources department of our employer or our responsible tax office, but also demonstrate it ourselves as those responsible for communication. However, flexibility does not mean acting haphazardly and thoughtlessly. But on the contrary. In order to be able to live agility, it is important to define certain structures (e.g. in the form of a communication concept ) and concrete framework conditions (e.g. deadlines) in advance. Flexible action is possible within these cornerstones without losing sight of the actual goal. 5. Multi-layer thinking Communication is more than just the sum of possible communication channels.

Corporate communication is everything

We put in front of our stakeholders: starting with the corporate identity, advertising statements and press releases to the tweet. Even if the company is silent, that’s a form of communication. At the same Colombia Phone Number List time, our dialogue groups are multi-layer. Only online, only analog, only Facebook – that is miles away from reality. We are always, everywhere and in different ways both as transmitters and receivers of communication. There are many concepts that try to clarify this network of communication. For example, we’ve been talking about integrat communication for years , Google “invents” the Micro Moments , and the content marketer.

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Mirko Lange emphasizes

The consistency of his story circle concept . You are all right. They all describe one and the same phenomenon from different perspectives – and yet all too often I fail to point out that human beings are Singapore Lead complex. not a lead, not a buyer persona, not an employee or an opinion leader – I am all of that and much more. In this sense, simplifications are important for rucing complexity and maintaining the ability to act. However, we must not forget that these are abstractions that cannot be transferr 1:1 to the real world. 6. Take responsibility I would like to end my listing of the prerequisites for communication in change processes with an area that is often under-examin: responsibility.

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