My absolutely subjective feeling is that taking responsibility for their actions is something that very few companies (and citizens) are willing to do. And if they do, it’s only because they didn’t “escape” in time. You are welcome to discuss this with me and give me positive examples (please remember, exceptions prove the rule), but basically I would like to point out a very specific fact: No matter how we approach the topic of responsibility, it always ends with the that every person (as a consumer, citizen, mother, etc.) must bear the responsibility for his own actions. So far so good. But unfortunately too brief, because the crucial postscript is missing:if he or she can make an inform decision bas on generally accessible information and without socio-political restrictions.

Unfortunately this ideal-typical

State hardly ever exists. So it’s time Costa Rica Phone Number List to bring ethics back into corporate communications. After all, with perpetual disruption, you never know how long it will be before your untruths catch up with you. Despite digital change and disruption: continue to focus on honest, human communication!TWEET Conclusion: More humanity in corporate communication There are two things I have learn in the course of my reflections so far. First, the more I think about it, the more questions I have. Second, the value of communication cannot be overstat.

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The concept of perpetual disruption

Shows a path with an uncertain future for both companies and our society. The only thing that can offer us at least a certain security in this constant change is the focus on honest, human communication – also for companies. So do companies ne more humanity and a face? I think so. How-to: Video Marketing on Instagram With over 300 million users, Instagram is the Singapore Lead most popular photo platform on the Internet. In this article you will find out why it is also very interesting for video content, how videos must look there and which special features have to be taken into account. Why videos on a photo platform? What fundamentally differentiates Instagram as a video platform from old friends like YouTube or Vimeo is, above all, the maximum running time of the videos: everything has to be said within 15 seconds.

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