With such a complex and wide ranging subject

Even better: everything has to be shown. Because the YouTube/Instagram ratio is similar to the blog/Twitter ratio. In other words: it is more entertaining, fast-moving and forces you to communicate your message clearly and to the point. The attractiveness and viewing value of Instagram videos are largely bas on this simple principle. It sounds trite, but: The spice is in brevity – this is both the challenge and the opportunity that Instagram’s video function presents to you. But what kind of content can actually be squeez into this narrow form? What video content works for Instagram? Our experience from day-to-day production shows: actually as good as anyone if you try to do a point preparation. Let’s look at a few examples.

The aim was to draw attention

To a foreign language competition. The client start the campaign for the competition with postcard motifs that play with the ambiguity of vocabulary in different languages. In this case, the important difference Croatia Phone Number List between poison and gift. It was our task to take up these word games in video form, i.e. to visualize them. The lesson learn is that 15 seconds is quite enough to tell a little story. How the silent film style came about and how it just play into our hands on Instagram, we will take up again later. If you want to learn more about the challenges and lessons from this production.

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On our bloglook at this. In addition to scenic videos like the one above, documentary content can also work well if you have the necessary discipline: The task was: Document a specialist conference on Singapore Lead the subject of ucation. choosing a 15-second format seems utterly counterintuitive. The question was whether there was any time left for the essentials. The answer: There is only time for the essentials – and for nothing else! Of course, we could have record entire lectures instead, which then rott away unseen on YouTube. However, significantly more viewers get involv in 15 seconds, including those who are not familiar with the subject. Admittly, you don’t gain thematic depth in such a short time.

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