What do you think of slow blogging? All quark or the basis for the successful bakery? And above all: Have you ever reach your limits as a blogger…? The rabbit in front of the snake – digitization and mium-siz companies Anyone who is now in a managerial position in a German mium-siz company should actually be in a hurry: because digitization is lurking in wait for him (or her). Possibly already on the next corner. So it’s time to finally hire a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) who will put a cross-departmental, innovative and creative digitization strategy with integrat and holistic IT on the road.

Or in the cloud

But strategically. And measurable. And best of all yesterday! This or something similar is the tenor of numerous articles that have been pouring uncheck on the management of mium-siz companies for a Benin Phone Number List long time. A ragout that is often not quite cleanly prepar and consists of the main ingrients Industry 4.0, online marketing, e-commerce, big data, cloud computing, smart service,This leads to nothing but insecurity. Quite charming: the topic of digitization You hardly like to hear it anymore: Keywords such as digitization, digital transformation or even digital maturity (who thinks of cheese here?) run as a common thread through numerous economic discourses.

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Under the warning sign of market

Displacement and future inability to do business, and again, which make the color fade from the face of every mium-siz company: The Asians are pushing into familiar market structures with cheap Singapore Lead products. With digital solutions and aggressive marketing, the Americans are rolling up entire market segments from behind, from below or across from the side… Keywords: Uber, Airbnb, WhatsApp. Oops! The antidote to this is to align your own strategy (also) with digitalization. The latter, however, requires new, highly specializ staff, a new, integrat IT solution, revolutionizes the production processes and also increases the complexity of the business processes enrich with “big data” immeasurably.

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