I have been dealing with the question of what conditions must be in place for corporate communication to succe in times of constant change. How difficult it is to answer this question is shown to me by the fact that every imaginary end point of my thoughts is an impetus for new thoughts. A never-ending cycle. Nevertheless, I will try to give you an understanding of my personal state of affairs, and I am already looking forward to objections, criticism and input. The Playing Field – Perpetual Disruption On the market out there we find a dynamic mixture of overlapping and mutually influencing phenomena.

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The digital revolution, disruptive business developments and professional communication with stakeholders. Trying to pin down my thoughts on this is like trying to nail a pudding to the wall. Thank goodness there Cameroon Phone Number List are some bright minds out there on the internet who are tackling similar issues. One of them manag to narrow down a core element of my chaotic reflections: With his concept of perpetual disruption , the Swiss entrepreneur, consultant and business developer Alain Veuve describes a central constant of our society – the constant of ongoing change.

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Heraclitus with his statement “The only constant in the universe is change”. Nevertheless, it is still a touch more dramatic today than when Heraclitus was alive. On the one hand, the term ‘perpetual Singapore Lead disruption’ an age in which the waves of social and economic renewal and upheaval that have been observ so far are being replac by a state of constant change. Alain Veuve But that’s not all. What characterizes this change today is its close connection with technological progress and the acceleration that goes with it. Whether this acceleration is of an exponential nature or not is not decisive for the concept of ‘perpetual disruption’. Crucially, progress is not linear but progressive.

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