However, management must also keep an eye on the profitability of the company. And that’s good! Because the compulsion to be profitable means that change can also be continu where it doesn’t hurt, manual and rundant processes, for example, which take up too many resources in the company. If, for example, sales and marketing are both busy revising the last catalog or the last trade fair presentation – here you can save a lot of time and effort through the target integration of the right IT modules into the work processes.

This not only ruces frictional losses

In business processes in the short term, but also frees up enormous potential in the long term.Digitization measures that make everyday work easier are definitely met with a high level of acceptance by those Cambodia Phone Number List involv. The DNA of mium-siz companies must be digitizTWEET De-emotionalise digitization It is no coincidence that the degree of digital maturity correlates directly with the sales growth of companies. The numbers already speak for themselves. So there is no reason at all to continue to stir up panic, even if this seems to have become a practicable sales model for some agencies.

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Software providers and other service

Providers and also somehow common practice. On the contrary, anyone who wants to grow with the development of mium-siz companies, who would like to benefit directly or indirectly from this Singapore Lead development, should stick to their own advice. “Customer centricity” also exists in B2B business with SMEs. And that means: less hectic projects, more strategic partnerships. Then digitization will also work. We make it! Everything stays different – six prerequisites for goal-orient corporate communication in constant change For a few weeks.

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