We cannot consume even a fraction of it. What at first glance seems like an enriching diversity is in fact a massive problem . Because not all content is really valuable. Or to put it bluntly: a lot of it is crap and distracts us. By keeping our eyes on demanding headlines, for example. Or the posts were not properly research. Or we are dealing with pure advertising text disguis as a blog post. Or, or, or … “The main thing is attention!” screams the network. So instead of a digital pseudo-detoxification, clearing out and streamlining the internet would make sense.

Everyone can start with themselves

Throw useless apps off your cell phone (or at least deactivate them), simply ignore the sugar-sweet cat content on Facebook and devote yourself to offline life. You can find more useful tips at Consumer Affairs . Also Taiwan Phone Number List recommend: be more sensitive when dealing with your own data and think outside the box. After all, isn’t it strange that there have been alternatives to Facebook for years that are much more secure and transparent? In the case of Diaspora, for example, all the data stays on your own PC. Photos, texts, comments: everything is stor on your home hard drive and only there.

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Why are such offers still not us

In view of these untapp opportunities laziness . We also have a long way to go in terms of expectations if we want to find a healthy attitude towards the digital world. According to a Bitkom survey, 71 percent of Singapore Lead employees use privately purchas computers and mobile phones for their daily work. And to be honest: What response time do you expect when you send an email? It us to be days, today the formula is: “As soon as possible.” And we voluntarily give our OK: More than 60 percent of Germans take their smartphone to b with them.

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