False doctorates in politicians What do all these scandals have in common? Public trust has been abus. Which strategies in a crisis do not work at all? Do nothing and wait deny and lie Cover up and conceal Delete comments or content Here’s an example of how it’s done correctly: Personally, I don’t like the commonly us expression “trust as an asset” because trust is difficult to measure. So have fun browsing, trying out and sharing! Evaluation of the blog parade Since the end of the blog parade, we’ve look at all the posts again, pull out all the tools mention, and list them.

The final list includes

Different online tools . And in the event Tunisia Phone Number List of a fire, they would be more likely to save it than the cat – if the cat only knew! Experts recommend staying away from screens for at least half an hour before b (I’m sure that’s what the sleep hygiene guide says too). The fact is that the internet can also be addictive. Fishing for likes on Facebook is just one form of this addiction. In serious cases , which affect around 500,000 Germans, Digital Detox makes perfect sense. But this should then take place therapeutically and permanently, not in pagogically questionable camps.

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The big tidy Let’s not delude ourselves

The web will always remain a chaotic place, cramm with sometimes good. Nobody has control over it, and that’s a good thing: because where there is control, there is a risk of censorship. Nevertheless, a principle is ne, a filter that separates the wheat from the chaff. Similar to Adam Smith’s invisible hand, this rubbish already works to some extent: uninteresting Singapore Lead or carelessly prepar content is punish if it is ignor. On the other hand, those who consistently and consistently publish high-quality content will, at best, be reward by the community. A refinement of this “keyboard voting” brings us back to the basic idea of ​​net neutrality : the majority decides on content.

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