Because that too is primarily a business. In the meantime , camps bas on the US model have also develop in Germany , which offer a kind of digital retreat . The whole structure is reminiscent of upscale hiking days. Laptop, smartphone, even the iPod stay at home. Communication rules are establish, speaking bans are issu. Vendors sell a tame life without technology (if only for a few hours or days) and sometimes without a will of their own. Prescrib electronic fasting therapy. Digital detox is very fashionable. Even hotels offer this service to their guests.

But is it what effective

Of course, there is no altruistic Sri-Lanka Phone Number List intention behind the digital detox. Employees want to be more productive, so most companies temporarily spare their employees technology for one reason only: to subsequently reconnect them to exactly the same technology. Greetings from Matrix. Or to put it in the words of Morpheus: Stupidly, you can’t explain to anyone what the matrix is. You have to experience them yourself. It’s the same with something as abstract as digitization. But we are aware of that in contrast to the matrix in the film! Really.

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Do you have of  big data is doing to you

In any case, sociophysicist Dirk Helbing doesn’t mince his words : Other side effects of the digital revolution are cyber crime, cyber war and the negative side of big data: the gigantic amounts of information and personal data that companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and the secret services accumulate can no longer be controll.  of the brave Singapore Lead new (digital) world. But there is another one that affects you and every other user on the net. Where digital detox would be appropriate It’s not the lifestyle detox that’s the priority. Also at the beginning of 2016 the internet is flood with content. Countless blog posts, podcasts, videos, etc. are publish every day.

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