Measure the success of your activities like a controller: Keep an eye on key figures such as newsletter subscribers, downloads or the number of new leads. They give you information about whether your content also contributes to the business goals and which corners you may ne to work on. Of course, this is easiest if you set up a content marketing team in your company, in which one expert can take care of the various tasks: strategy, production, design, SEO, social mia, controlling, the technical aspects and so on further.

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Are yours alone, you should try to give each of these areas equal importance in your day-to-day work. Digital Detox – Do we ne a digital detox? The trend towards natural detoxification is unbroken: comes South Africa Phone Number List from, read guides on sleep hygiene and organic cosmetics. Souping is also very fashionable now. People us to say “eat soup” – and I’m not that old yet! When it comes to physical well-being, it can never be healthy enough. But what about your online behavior? Is that still healthy or do you ne a ‚Äúdigital detox.

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Private individuals have recogniz that the digital world not only offers a lot, it also demands a lot. Too much. We have never been expos to such a gigantic range of multimia content . And with it Singapore Lead the temptation to constantly let ourselves be distract or sink into a digital swamp. Each of us has numerous accounts – be it mail clients or access to music portals, shopping sites etc. It’s easy to lose track of things. Therefore, Silicon Valley offers a solution to a self-creat problem: digital detox . Reason enough to be skeptical about this solution.

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