Rights violations and violence between different communities continue, in a context of complicated efforts to restore constitutional order and implement the peace agreement. In Afghanistan, violence does not stop, although peace negotiations suggest the possibility of ending decades of conflict. None of these situations can be resolved militarily. I urge all Member by extremist States to put pressure on all parties involved to put an end to these senseless wars. Through its mediation efforts and political missions, the United Nations continues to explore all possibilities.terrorism is increasing due to the lack of effective security arrangements and insufficient capacity to combat the root causes of economic, climatic and social nature. It is time to recognize the need for.

African peace enforcement and counter

Terrorism operations to receive a mandate from theĀ  of instability and provide vital support to peace processes. But increasingly they operate in areas where there is no peace to maintain. So far this year, there are already nine peacekeepers who by extremist have Hong Kong Phone Number List lost their lives in hostile incidents. We must ensure that each peacekeeping mission and each of its members has all the resources and equipment necessary to We need a global ceasefire, but we must also intensify our efforts to prevent crises from breaking out. Union and peace are possible. We must achieve it. From the unit. Our eighth priority must be to rebuild the eroding nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation regime. Last Friday the.

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Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear

Weapons entered into force. I call on all States to support the objective of this Treaty. Despite this positive development, the deterioration of relations between nuclear-weapon States should be cause for alarm. I urge those States to. By extremist find common ground at the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Review Conference later this China Phone Number List year. I welcome the decision of the United States and the Russian Federation to extend the New START Treaty for five years, the maximum period provided for in the agreement. Which will allowWe must achieve it. From the unit. Our ninth priority must be to take. Advantage of the opportunities. Offered by digital technologies, while protecting ourselves from the growing dangers they pose.

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