Gender-based violence: from violence at home and online to the rise in child marriage and sexual exploitation. However, women in leadership positions have shown what they are capable of in the fight against COVID- Women leaders have managed In fact, the equal participation of women has a long list of transformative effects, which also continues to increase. Greater investment in social protection. More transparent governance. Longer lasting peace processes. Equal leadership and equal representation of women is the turning point we need. It is time to change old structures and abandon outdated models. If the formal economy works, it is only because it is subsidized by the unpaid care work that women do.

Investment in the care economy could provide

A stimulus for economic growth and recovery from the pandemic. It is time to adopt stronger and more specific measures to end the approaches and attitudes that deprive women of their rights. No more half measures. Achieving gender equality is possible. We must achieve it. From the unit. Our seventh priority for the year must be to overcome New Zealand Phone Number List geopolitical divisions and find common ground. To confront the threats to peace and security facing us today, we must find a way back to common sense. We need a united Security Council. to achieve  international law and norms that are the result of the agreement common and generally accepted. Dysfunctions in relations between great powers leave room for disruptive elements. And disruptive elements trigger and prolong conflicts. We cannot solve our great problems when our great powers do not agree.

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In the early weeks of the pandemic

I called for a global ceasefire to focus on the enemy all countries face. We have seen some encouraging signs, and a new breath of life has been given to peace processes that were in a precarious situation. Ceasefire measures and pauses in hostilities have been declared in several places and continue to varying degrees: from Libya andBut elsewhere, fighting Canada Phone Number List continues and new conflicts have emerged. Turning to Yemen. Which is on the brink of famine, I reiterate my call for a nationwide ceasefire, economic and humanitarian. Confidence-building measures and the resumption of an inclusive political process. In the Central African Republic, I condemn the increasing violence by armed groups and call on the newly elected authorities to work for peaceful and inclusive dialogue and national reconciliation.

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