I have come to see how important it is to plant the seeds of development and address the underlying vulnerabilities that have uprooted so many families across the country in the first place. A view of the Kalunga IDP site in the DRC. Caption: The Kalunga IDP site, located a few kilometers from the center […]
September, you will see a large increase in the number of women candidates. With the help of the United Nations, the manual on “Women’s Political Participation” was launched on July and a first copy was offered to the President of the National Assembly and all political party leaders. The manual or draft document has been […]
Help finance the physical infrastructure and human capital to advance the Sustainable Development Goals in small island developing States and strengthen the resilience of these economies. Small Island Developing States (formally as Small Island Developing States, SIDS) are a distinct group. Similarly of small, remote, poorly. Similarly divd and highly . Caribbean Sea, the Pacific, […]
To support progress on the Sustainable Development Goals in vulnerable countries, including the High-Level Political Forum, which took place in early July ; the Conference of the Parties to the th session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP), in November ; the Conference of the Parties on Biodiversity (COP ), scheduled […]
Rich countries and their fossil fuel companies have pumped out most of the carbon dioxide emissions, the main cause of climate change. However, these rich countries fell short of their commitment to mobilize $ billion per year for climate finance. These countries could also tax the fossil fuel industry to help cover the rising global […]
Being structurally vulnerable is associated with lower performance with respect toGoal (SDG : end poverty) and Goal (SDG : health and well-being), and on issues such as food insecurity . The limited fiscal capacity of small island developing States cannot absorb the rising costs of climate mitigation and adaptation, without which Pacific atoll countries such […]
Following significant setbacks against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Pacific needs fairer access to finance as it fights to overcome climate challenges. The global climate, geopolitical and health crises have caused significant setbacks in the Sustainable Development Goals, a set of global parameters adopted by all United Nations Member States in in pursuit […]
University has created a Climate School, the first school to be here in a quarter century. Congratulations. It is a wonderful display of scholarship and leadership. I am also pleased to know that so many members of the Sustainable A new world is taking shape. More and more people recognize the limits of conventional criteria, […]
And that number will reach almost % in The coming year, in short, gives us plenty of opportunities to stop the looting and begin the healing. One of our best allies is nature itself. Drastically reducing deforestation and systemic restoration of forests and other ecosystems is the greatest opportunity for nature-based climate change mitigation. Let […]
We therefore need more ambition and commitment to meet targets and establish measurable means of implementation, including financing and monitoring mechanisms. This means achieving: More and more conservation areas managed effectively, in order to stop our onslaught against species and ecosystems; Biodiversity-positive agriculture and fishing, which reduces our overexploitation and destruction of nature; The progressive […]
Which puts them in a unique position to move the needle, they must move the needle and lead the way. I call on developed countries to fulfill their long-standing promise to provide $ billion annually to help developing countries achieve our common climate goals. We haven’t achieved it yet. It is a question of fairness, […]
However, we must advance even further. We need all governments to translate those promises into time-bound policies, plans and targets. This will provide certainty and confidence to companies and the financial sector so that they invest sending a clear in favor of that objective. It’s time: To put a price on carbon.  To stop building […]

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