And that number will reach almost % in The coming year, in short, gives us plenty of opportunities to stop the looting and begin the healing. One of our best allies is nature itself. Drastically reducing deforestation and systemic restoration of forests and other ecosystems is the greatest opportunity for nature-based climate change mitigation. Let us not In fact, nature-based solutions could provide a third of the net greenhouse gas emissions reductions needed to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. The World Economic Forum has estimated that the business opportunities offered by nature could create million jobs by Africa’s Great Green Wall alone has created , jobs. Indigenous knowledge, distilled through millennia of close and direct contact with nature, can help point the way.

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Of the world’s population, yet they are the guardians of % of the world’s biodiversity on land. We already know that nature managed by indigenous peoples deteriorates less rapidly than elsewhere. As indigenous peoples live on Let us not lands that are among the most vulnerable to climate change and environmental degradation, the time has Oman Phone Number List come to listen to their voices, reward their knowledge and respect their rights. Let us also recognize the central role of women. The effects of climate change and environmental degradation fall primarily on them. They are % of those displaced by climate change. But women are also the backbone of agriculture and the main administrators of natural resources. They are among the world’s leading defenders of environmental human rights.

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And the representation of women in national

Parliaments is directly related to the signing of climate action agreements. As humanity devises strategies for the governance of natural resources, the preservation of the environment and the construction of a green economy, we need more women to make decisions at the negotiating tables. Dear friends: I have detailed an emergency, but Singapore Phone Number List I also see hope. I see a history of progress that shows what can be done, from rescuing the ozone layer to reducing extinction rates and expanding protected areas. Many cities are becoming greener. The circular economy is reducing waste. Environmental laws are increasingly reaching out. Today, at least United Nations Member States legally recognize a healthy environment as a basic human right.

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