University has created a Climate School, the first school to be here in a quarter century. Congratulations. It is a wonderful display of scholarship and leadership. I am also pleased to know that so many members of the Sustainable A new world is taking shape. More and more people recognize the limits of conventional criteria, such as Gross Domestic Product, for which environmentally harmful activities can be  economically positive. Mentalities are changing. More and more people are realizing the need for their own daily choices to reduce their carbon footprint and respect planetary boundaries. And we see inspiring waves of social mobilization by youth. From protests in the streets to defending interests online.

From classroom education to community

Involvement… From voting centers to workplaces… Young people are putting pressure on their elders to do the right thing. And we are in a university.And the knowledg brought us to a threshold. We cannot return to the old normal of inequality, injustice and reckless dominion over the Earth. Instead, we must move forward on a safer, more sustainable and more equitable path. We Pakistan Phone Number List have a framework: the Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change . The door is open; The solutions await us.  it together. Solidarity is humanity. Solidarity is survival. That’s the lesson has taught us. In a world in disunity and disorder trying to contain the pandemic, let us learn the lesson and change course for the crucial period ahead. Thank you so much.

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Developing countries deserve to be allowed

Greater say in global decision-making.  decisions of their elders, who, to be honest, have let them down on many important issues. Strengthening global And the knowledg governance Spain Phone Number List to provide global public goods is possible. We must achieve it. From the unit. With your support, we have taken important steps to strengthen our United Nations. The pandemic has been the first big test of these reforms, and I appreciate your comments indicating that these changes have improved our work. I have the firm will to continue this effort. We have been given the opportunity in the most unfortunate way. But every crisis triggers a change.

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