Following significant setbacks against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Pacific needs fairer access to finance as it fights to overcome climate challenges. The global climate, geopolitical and health crises have caused significant setbacks in the Sustainable Development Goals, a set of global parameters adopted by all United Nations Member States in in pursuit of a more equitable world. Small island developing States, including island countries and seven Pacific territories, have suffered the direct health consequences of the and the supply chain disruptions. Meanwhile, energy prices are rising, geopolitical tensions are rising, and the climate crisis continues to hit island nations hard.

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Financial Institutions must help finance the physical infrastructure and human capital needed to advance the Sustainable Development Goals in small island developing States and strengthen the resilience of these economies. Small Island Developing States (formally recognized as Small Island Developing States, SIDS) are a distinct group of small, remote, poorly diversified and highly exposed countries, located in the Caribbean Sea, the Poland Phone Number List Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans and the South China Sea. In August , in a letter to the Alliance of Small Island Developing States (AOSIS), the Secretary-General of the United Nations committed to developing a multidimensional vulnerability index for Small Island Developing States to better define the special case for development that these small nations represent and expand their access to resources sucha.

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General Asembly adopted a resolution tasking the United Nations with carrying out technical work to develop an index and propose. Similarly options for its use. Video available in English, with auto-generated subtitle. A higher degree of structural0. Similarly vulnerability, which is Taiwan Phone Number List measured by the multidimensional.  Vulnerability index.  Multidimensional Vulnerability Index , in English), in its pilot version, of the United Nations Sustainable. Development Solutions Network, is associated with a lower score on the index relating to compliance. With the Sustainable Development Goals a . Similarly tool developed by the. Network to measure the progress of countries in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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