We therefore need more ambition and commitment to meet targets and establish measurable means of implementation, including financing and monitoring mechanisms. This means achieving: More and more conservation areas managed effectively, in order to stop our onslaught against species and ecosystems; Biodiversity-positive agriculture and fishing, which reduces our overexploitation and destruction of nature; The progressive elimination of negative subsidies, those that destroy healthy soils, pollute our waterways and make us fish the oceans until they are empty. The transition from unsustainable and nature-negative extractive resource mining towards sustainable and broader consumption habits. Biodiversity is not just charismatic and charming wildlife; It is the pulsating web of life itself.

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To protect and promote the health of the world’s marine environments. Overfishing must stop; chemical and solid waste pollution, particularly plastic, must be drastically reduced; marine reserves must greatly increase; and coastal areas need greater protection. The blue economy offers remarkable potential. Ocean goods and services already generate $ trillion each year and contributed more than million direct full-time jobs, at least until the pandemic¬†New Zealand Phone Number List hit. We need urgent action on a global scale to reap these benefits and protect the world’s seas and oceans from the many pressures they are under. Next year’s World Conference on Sustainable Transport in Beijing must also strengthen that vital sector while addressing its negative environmental footprint.

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The Food Systems Summit must aim to transform

Global food production and consumption. Food systems are one of the main reasons why we are failing to stay within the ecological limits of our planet. In early , we will launch the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, focused on preventing, halting and reversing the degradation of forests, land and other ecosystems around the world. The Decade is a mobilizer calling on those of us who want to confront the double crisis of biodiversity¬†Saudi Arabia Phone Number List loss and climate change with practical measures. The International Conference on Chemicals Management will establish a framework on chemicals and waste after The year will also be critical for the advancement of the New Urban Agenda. The world’s cities are fundamental fronts for sustainable development, vulnerable to disasters but also vectors of innovation and dynamism.

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