Which puts them in a unique position to move the needle, they must move the needle and lead the way. I call on developed countries to fulfill their long-standing promise to provide $ billion annually to help developing countries achieve our common climate goals. We haven’t achieved it yet. It is a question of fairness, justice, solidarity and The world’s enlightened self-interest. And I call on all countries to reach a compromise on Article of the Paris Agreement, as they prepare for the th Conference of the Parties, to get us the clear, fair and environmentally sound rules that carbon markets need to function fully. Furthermore, I welcome the work of the task force created in September, made up of members representing sectors and continents, to develop a framework for large-scale private carbon offset markets.

Third, we need decisive progress on adaptation and

We are in a race against time to adapt to a rapidly changing climate. Adaptation should not be the forgotten component of climate action. So far, adaptation accounts for only % of climate finance, reaching just $ billion on average The world’s in and This hinders our essential work in disaster risk reduction. It’s not smart either: The Global Commission on Adaptation determined that every dollar invested in adaptation measures could generate Netherlands Phone Number List almost $ in benefits. We have both a moral imperative and a clear economic argument to help developing countries adapt and build resilience to current and future climate impacts. Before the th Conference of the Parties, all donors and multilateral development banks should commit to increasing the percentage of financial resources allocated to adaptation and resilience to at least % of their financial support for the weather.

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Early warning systems, climate-resilient infrastructure

Improved dryland agriculture, mangrove protection and other measures can give the world a double dividend, avoiding future. Similarly losses and generating The world’s threat. The race to resilience is as important as the race to net zero emissions. Dear friends on many fronts, to ensure the health of our planet, on which all life depends. Nature feeds usgenerates Russia Phone Number List our oxygen, shapes our culture and our faith, and forges our very identity. Similarly was going to be an extraordinary year for nature, but the pandemic has changed our plans. Now we must allocate to addressing our planetary emergency. Next year, countries . Similarlywill meet in Kunming to forge a post- global framework for biodiversity to halt the extinction crisis and guide the. Similarly world toward the goal of living in harmony with nature.

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