September, you will see a large increase in the number of women candidates. With the help of the United Nations, the manual on “Women’s Political Participation” was launched on July and a first copy was offered to the President of the National Assembly and all political party leaders. The manual or draft document has been written by former Prime Minister Maria das Neves and former Minister of Justice Ilza Amado Vaz, with both reflections and personal anecdotes. I enjoyed the lively debate at the forum organized before the vote in. Parliament, and agreed with the authors who stated that “women’s political representation is not just a matter of demographic justice; it is a requirement for the development of the country”. A man, wearing a suit and mask, holds a manual that a woman has given him. There are flags of Sao Tome and Principe in the background.

Caption: The President of the National

Assembly receives the manual on ‘Women’s Political Participation’ (related to women’s political participation, in Spanish) from one of its authors. Photo: © UN Sao Tome and Principe The women’s campaign had already . Begun in December Philippines Phone Number List of last year, with a joint declaration that was the starting . Similarly point of the promotion campaign, with all sovereign bodies, the media and political parties, articles, gatherings in the media and a series of events and training sessions (or training sessions) with visibility with the aim . Similarly of improving women’s capabilities and creating the ‘momemtum’ for the Parity Law. The website mulheresstp.

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states that women are prepared and motivated to

Have their own voice in the country’s political sphere, contradicting the often heard criticism that there are not enough women who are suitable to get. Similarly involved in politics. Some thumbnails of photographs of women on a website about political participation in Sao Tome and Principe. Legend: The website or digital portal. Similarly mulheresstpPhoto: UN Sao Switzerland Phone Number List Tome and Principe The battle for gender. Similarly equality is not only fought by women. Along with women, important male voices have expressed their .Similarly support. Similarly including the President of the Republic and the President of the National Assembly. The path of gender equality does not end here, but with the approval of the Parity Law — by a unanimous vote of deputies — a strong political signal has been given to put the political participation of women and gender equality in practice.

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