But the pandemic has also exposed a huge gap in access to those tools, including large gender disparities. The world entered the digital age decades ago, but a fundamental challenge remains: bridging the digital divide. Our goal is for everyone, everywhere to have affordable, effective and secure access to the Internet by and for all the world’s schools to be online as soon as possible. We need to strengthen cybersecurity and promote During the responsible and misinformation. And we have to resolve the question of how our data is used. Much of the information collected about people is used for positive purposes. But increasingly, people are demanding that their voice be more taken into account when it comes to how data is used, particularly to influence and control behaviour.

It is also increasingly alarming how governments

Can exploit data to violate the human rights of specific individuals or groups. We must bring together all stakeholders to examine these practices and patterns of exploitation, and find a path forward that does not violate privacy or dignity. Continued efforts are needed to define appropriate international standards and tax regimes. The importance of how Taiwan Phone Number List we handle data will only increase with the rapid spread of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has brought about great possibilities. But skewed data can lead to dangerous  I will continue to take steps to implement it, including by strengthening the Internet Governance Forum. I welcome the intention of the President of the General Assembly to hold a debate on digital cooperation in April.

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An open, free and secure digital future is possible

We must achieve it. From the unit. Our tenth priority must be a readjustment for the st century. It is necessary to strengthen and rethink our governance of the essential world heritage, which is not only public health, but also peace and our natural environment. The General Assembly has recognized the fundamental importance of this moment. In its statement on the occasion of the th anniversary of the United Nations, the. Assembly called on Estonia Phone Number List me to make recommendations to advance our common agenda. I am fully immersed in within the framework of the UN initiative. It is clear that the challenges we face demand a more. Inclusive and interconnected multilateralism. I have also called for a New Global Compact between. Countries that enables a broader and fairer distribution of power, benefits and opportunities.

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