Many small businesses have successfully grown using content marketing. Beardbrand, Luxy Hair, Lodge Cast Iron—the examples are endless. If you’re a small-business owner, you’re probably wondering if you should be using content marketing for your business too. In this post, I’ll run through some reasons 13 Content Marketing why you should do content marketing, plus 13 ideas you can apply to your small business. Improve brand awareness As we’ve established, most people don’t look for products and services directly.

Instead they look for

Solutions to problems or answers to questions. So, when you create content around these problems or questions, you can use this opportunity to introduce your brand to executive data your potential customers. A prospect knowing your brand means you’re at least one step closer to turning them into customers. Here’s an example. Billy Blogger started a blog and is frustrated at how his blog traffic isn’t increasing. So he searches for “how to increase my blog traffic” on Google and discovers our article. From there, he learns that one method to get more traffic is to write about topics with search traffic potential. He also discovers that he can use our free tools to do that. With just one article, we’ve turned Billy Blogger from someone who didn’t know we existed to someone who now knows our brand.

Repeat that at scale

You can see how content marketing works to improve brand awareness. Answer questions people are searching for We’ve established this earlier: Potential Singapore Lead customers don’t search for your products directly, but for questions they want answered. So your goal is to figure out what these questions are 13 Content Marketing and create content that matches them. How do you find these questions? The easiest way is to enter a relevant keyword into our free keyword generator tool and switch the tab to Questions. Create a statistics page Journalists and bloggers are always looking for data to back up their claims. This is why businesses and websites publish data studies and original research—their goal is to get mentions and links from these authoritative websites. But as a small business, it can be difficult for you to publish original research.

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