Struggling to gain traction on your blog? Consumed tons of “ultimate guides” and courses, but traffic didn’t budge? A few years ago, we found ourselves in the same predicament. Traffic to our blog had plateaued despite us following “blogging best practices.” But today, we get an estimated 250,000 visits per month—15 Proven Ways and that’s from Google alone. It can be tempting to write about whatever excites you—the latest industry topic, breaking news, or even just a random rant. But these types of posts have short shelf lives. You may see a spike in traffic shortly after publishing.

But once interest in

The news, trend, or fad fades, your blog traffic will dwindle to nothing. Make sure you’re matching search intent Search intent is the why behind a search query. Why does company data this matter? Google aims to provide users with the most relevant results for their queries. So if you want to rank high and get more search traffic, you need to be the most relevant result—and that means creating content that aligns with search intent. How do you figure out what type of content to create? Do a search in Google for your target keyword, then analyze the top-ranking pages for the three Cs of search intent. A. Content type Content types usually fall into.

One of five buckets

Blog post, product, category, landing page, or video. For example, if we search for “how to invest,” you’ll notice that the top few results are mostly blog posts. Why do we still Singapore Lead choose email as a communication channel? The reason is simple: With email, you can communicate with your fans anytime. 15 Proven Ways Other platforms, such as Facebook, can deliberately limit your reach or even remove you from their platforms. Building a list isn’t complicated. As you can see, we simply offer to deliver a weekly update of all our content. If people enjoy what they read on our blog, they’ll want more of it. If you want to be a little more aggressive, you can try offering a “carrot”: a free eBook, course, etc. All these can work well.

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