Agility is bas on spe, not quality. It means you can deliver a product quickly, but it may not be the best. This is why many software teams use agile with a focus on quality. SAFe offers companies a framework to do so. Who uses SAFe? SAFe is design for large organizations that ne to build software for their internal teams or for customers. This framework is ideal for those who want to take advantage of Agile but struggle with the challenges. There are five key groups of people who will benefit from using SAFe: Business leaders – They are responsible for the company’s strategy and objectives; Company Stakeholders

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By the company’s strategy and objectives Portugal Email Lists Executive Businesses – They are responsible for the execution of the strategy; IT Executives – They are responsible for the technical execution of the strategy; Executives in charge of transformation – They are responsible for the cultural transformation necessary for the strategy to be a success. How to implement SAFe? The first step in implementing SAFe is choosing the right business transformation organization and approach. You will ne to select a governing body and a transformation leader.

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Which organizational units should be includ in the transformation.  The appropriate formation and size must be decid. You will also have to decide how to organize these units and how to link them. Lastly Singapore Lead you will ne to decide how to create the right organizational culture. You’ll want to create an organizational culture that supports transformation and is optimiz for software delivery. Benefits of the SAFe Framework The SAFe framework is focus on accelerating the software development process . Here are some of the advantages of this framework: Business Agility – The framework places customer nes at the center of your activities.

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