You can even add the call to action in the description to further encourage it to be done by the user (or if you forgot to do it in the video). Choose the hashtags of your publication carefully Hashtags are us to classify content on the same subject, so it is very important that if you want your content to be discover, you do a good study of hashtags on TikTok. You must use hashtags that refer to the content you are sharing. And avoid those hashtags that promise a virality that I already tell you is not real. Can you imagine that by putting in a video you were viral.

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Interact with your followers and with other accounts Interactions are important as they tell the algorithm that your content is being lik. But you shouldn’t just wait for people to come and write to you, you should Grenada Email List encourage them, respond to comments and also leave comments on other accounts. Apart from the comments you want to make as a user, you should also leave comments on accounts of references in your sector or other brands that have the same potential customer as you. This way, you can create conversations and get discover. Analyze your results and how you can improve Everything you have done.

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Conclusions, is useless. that stopp working a long time ago. Because more and more brands are doing things well on social networks. For this reason, you must analyze the results of the content you have Singapore Lead  publish. Understand why it has gone well or badly, enhance what has gone well and improve what has gone wrong. It takes time, I know, but it takes longer to keep doing the same thing without getting the results or knowing what to do. Do not obsess over growth and virality Since TikTok appear and the reels have been sold, being viral and growing a lot in a short time is something super easy. But the truth is, if it were that easy, everyone would get it. And I don’t think it’s in anyone’s interest.

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