If you use multiple colors, make them work well with each other and differ enough so that everything can be seen well. Images of people usually work very well, and you can add photos of yourself pointing to something specific or conveying a specific emotion. Do not add too many things, keep in mind that they can saturate the user and not know what to look for. It is important that, if you are going to do this, the brand with which you work the affiliation has a site where you can consult your metrics to be able to analyze and improve your marketing. If you don’t have this, you go blind, you don’t even know what results you have obtain or what you can improve.

Sell ​​your products services

Infoproducts Another of the ways Iceland Email List you have to earn money with Instagram, and my favorite, is to sell your products, infoproducts or services. If you offer services, have an info product or have a store, you should be working on your Instagram account to increase sales of these. And to sell on Instagram you ne to create a good Instagram marketing strategy and implement it. you are not going to sell by publishing your services or products only and at all times, but you must create a community around your potential client and think about what content is of interest to him even if it is also interesting for your business.

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What options to earn money on

Instagram were there in 2021? What option to earn money is best for my Instagram account? I am going to give you my opinion, although later you can do what you consider. If you have a business , the ideal is to sell your products, services or infoproducts and work on the affiliation of a product, infoproduct, service or complementary tool to your sector. You can even do Singapore Lead collaborations with brands or use Instagram purchases, but as long as they are complementary to what you sell. If you are a content creator , you can work on the different options that Instagram gives you and also affiliation or collaborations.

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