Benjamin Brückner present an interesting way to do this in the article on slow blogging . He discuss with some experts whether it makes sense to blog less. If you like the idea of ​​slow blogging, then I would like to give you some tips on how to put it into practice below. In other words, you can publish fewer articles and still offer your readers more . And a clear add value. Concept and itorial plan In order to be able to publish high-quality content in the long term, your journey should begin well before writing the first article. Start with the concept.

Ask yourself what content you want

To offer your readers and how it fits Russia Phone Number List together and can be combin. Here it makes perfect sense to start with the target group. To do this, determine which areas you ne to cover and to what depth in order to reach your target group. Different areas can be divid into categories, for example. The next step is to plan the articles specifically and for the long term. Create an itorial plan and enter your plann articles. The plan will help you build your content on top of each other in a well-consider manner. TIP : Stefan Schütz has collect several templates for your itorial plan in one post.

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Research properly more valuable

There’s one more thing you can do before you start writing: research. While this term is completely unknown to the original blogger, it is part of everyday life for many new bloggers. Simply writing straight away is usually not very effective. It is therefore more promising to look around for existing content on the topic beforehand – i.e. to research it. This makes your Singapore Lead blog articles  because you have better information and can base your content on well-found sources. This brings you various benefits, such as the following: Fresh input : acquir specialist knowlge – but how long ago was that? Be inspir by others and learn something new. Traceability : Show your readers that you don’t grab your knowlge out of thin air, but that there are reliable sources for it.

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