Prevent Duplicates : Look around “your circles” and try not to write articles that are identical to those of your fellow bloggers. Link love : If you have already found a couple of suitable articles on the subject, you can link them immiately. Give some link love, improve your blogger karma and reap the rewards later. It is certainly also interesting to see how journalists research today and how one actually researches correctly . Don’t leave any questions unanswer You’ve probably also read one or the other article with a headline à la “How much blog reading is too much.

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Then it turns out that the article in question lists facts and maybe even mentions advantages and disadvantages, but in the end you are left without a concrete answer. While most blog articles don’t have a question Saudi Arabia Phone Number List mark in the title, they still raise a question. Nothing is more unproductive for the reader than reading an article that does not answer the questions rais at the beginning. You raise are adequately answer. Focus on your target audience and remember that you can never please everyone. You define the knowlge that a reader nes to have in order to understand your article. You are not requir to start from scratch for each item. Get a second opinion You certainly know about your topic.

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Nevertheless it may make sense

To consult with a colleague shortly before publishing your article. A quick phone call or chat can sometimes be enough to come up with an interesting idea or to find a bug. You don’t even have to Singapore Lead disclose your entire article. A statement like “I’m currently working on this article on topic XY” is often enough to discuss a few key points. expert contribution Take the second opinion one step further and invite colleagues or other bloggers to contribute to your blog post. This can be particularly helpful if you don’t have that much knowlge on a topic and would like to have an expert have his say.

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