In the case of Benjamin Br├╝ckner’s slow blogging article, it also shows that different bloggers can have different views on a topic, which doesn’t have to be less interesting for your readers. TIP : Combine several posts into a so-call expert roundup post . Video as a useful addition A video is a different content format than a blog article, but thanks to the possibility of embding, the two formats complement each other perfectly. In certain cases, a video actually makes a lot more sense than pure text. Especially when it comes to tutorials, a video can be very useful for your blog readers.

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To write about how to hit a golf ball, you either have to be a damn good writer or your readers are already pro golfers. But fear not: just because you’re using a video doesn’t mean your text is useless. There are plenty of other aspects of your topic that are better illustrat in the text. Speaking of golf, a written list of golfers’ names and their accomplishments, for example, is much Singapore Phone Number List more helpful as it cannot be reus in the video. Other additions to the text In addition to the moving image, there is a wide range of other content that you can add to your article and create add value. This includes: PDF downloads with additional information, checklists or eBooks.

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Infographics or diagrams that present

Certain information or processes in a simplifi way. Slideshows that can be us to introduce a topic in bullet points. The goal must be to offer the reader the most comprehensive piece of content possible that Singapore Lead adequately covers a topic. in the form of PDFs or slideshows, also gives the reader the option to skip parts with which they are already familiar. Troubleshooting If you start writing much longer articles, you should be careful not to get bogg down in theory. Yes, theoretical articles also have their place and can be useful. Keep in mind, however, that your articles won’t take two minutes to read, and the least a reader can expect is some practical advice.

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